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The Rathbun, Rathbone, Rathburn International Family (RRRIFA) is an organization that encompasses the descendants of John and Margaret (Acres) Rathbone of Farnsworth, England who were one of the original sixteen families who settled Block Island, Rhode Island, USA in 1661. (Rathbun quickly became the predominant spelling.)

The purpose of the Association is to:
1. Preserve the history of the Rathbun family and to provide for the preservation, collection and retention of Rathbun Family Historical Documents.

2. Encourage and support the ongoing development of the genealogical history of the Rathbun Family.

3. Provide for the reunions every two years or as directed by the Board.

Organization Documents

Useful Research Links

All issues of the Rathbun-Rathbone-Rathburn Family Historian (1981-1996), edited by Frank H. Rathbun. Provided by Michael Rathbun, member of the RRRIFA Board. This site also includes scans of the original Historian (1892-1894) provided by Lauri Portz and RRRIFA genealogist Rob Rathbun.

RRRIFA Board member Jesse Rathbun shares his extensive research on the Rathbun family at his Ancestors of Jesse Earl Rathbun web site.

Full text of Rathbone Genealogy by John C. Cooley (1898)

John R. Robb, a genetic geneaologist and Rathbun cousin, has prepared a Rathbone Patrilineal DNA project page based on 15 Y-DNA tests.

The Block Island Historical Society, Executive Director Pam Littlefield Gasner, a Rathbun cousin, possesses a Rathbun family bible and an original map of the island showing how the land was sub-divided among the original settlers.

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